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Research Grants


The Society is pleased to offer a funding opportunity for investigator-initiated proposals to support research focused on addressing research questions highlighted in the Pathways to MS Cures Roadmap.
The Roadmap includes three Pathways: STOPPING MS disease activity, RESTORING function by reversing damage and symptoms, and ENDING MS by preventing new cases. Applicants must clearly state the relevance of their proposals to at least one of the research questions outlined in the Roadmap. Refer to the Roadmap for more clarity, and feel free to reach out to Research staff listed below to discuss relevant topics.
The Society supports all types of research including laboratory models, human studies, population-based approaches, and data-intensive investigations that leverage both researcher and patient-reported outcomes. We value studies that:
- promote synergies between researchers in diverse disciplines;
- adhere to principles of sharing data and resources;
- focus on underserved and understudied ethnic and racial MS populations (Please consult this toolkit for strategies regarding Minority Engagement in MS Research).
Note: All research grant proposals deemed to be of scientific merit through the scientific peer review process undergo a Community Review to help us identify participant-centered concerns about proposed research, such as unduly burdensome protocols or outcomes of low interest to people affected by MS. These insights, along with the outcomes from the peer review, will be taken together to inform the final funding recommendations. The Community Review Committee will rely heavily on the Plain Language Description for each proposal. Applicants are advised to utilize the many resources the Society had provided on how to write a successful Plain Language Description found here (.pdf).

Research grants

Eligibility: Applicants should possess an M.D., Ph.D. or equivalent and be considered eligible by their institution to apply for grant support.
Funding: We are currently accepting applications for research projects with a budget limit of $660,000 direct costs for up to 3 years in length, and budget must be justified based on the aims of the proposal.
Submission guidelines and processImportant dates:

  • Pre-Application Deadline: 5:00 P.M. Eastern Time, Wednesday, July 26, 2023
  • Full Application Deadline: 5:00 P.M. Eastern Time, Wednesday, August 2, 2023
  • Successful proposals will begin April 1, 2024 

Staff will review the required brief pre-application to determine whether the research plan is appropriate and relevant to the Pathways to MS Cures Roadmap.

Pre-applications and full applications are submitted through the National MS Society's online grant submission portal - MSGrants ( First-time applicants must register before gaining access to applications.

For more information, please contact:

Mark Allegretta, PhD

Walt Kostich, PhD

James Quinn, PhD
Kathy M. Zackowski, PhD, OTR


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Become a Research Champion
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