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Barancik Prize for Innovation in MS Research


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BarancikIt is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we note the passing of Charles and Margery Barancik, two powerful visionaries of the MS movement. They have been a driving force to accelerate pathways to new treatments and ultimately a cure for multiple sclerosis.
Their belief that one creative and driven individual can accelerate a world free MS gave rise to the Barancik Prize for Innovation in Multiple Sclerosis Research, which recognizes an exceptional scientist or team whose work in MS research has demonstrated outstanding innovation and originality.
Chuck and Margie often noted that “MS has affected our lives in many ways. We want a world without MS.” The MS community has lost two remarkable leaders and we join their family in mourning their loss. 


The Barancik Prize for Innovation in Multiple Sclerosis Research recognizes an exceptional scientist or a team of scientists whose work in MS research has demonstrated outstanding innovation and originality. This annual prize, made possible by the generosity of the Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation, is $100,000 to be used at the discretion of the recipient.

Read more about the Prize: "Introducing the Barancik Prize Lecture Series" Multiple Sclerosis Journal (November 5, 2019; open access) 

Read about the 2022 recipient – Ruth Ann Marrie, MD, PhD, whose lecture is summarized in Multiple Sclerosis Journal "The Barancik lecture: Comorbidity in multiple sclerosis—Looking backward, looking forward" (open access)
Read about the 2021 recipient – Amit Bar-Or, MD
Read about the 2020 recipient – Dwight E. Bergles, PhD
Read about the 2019 recipient – Francisco Quintana, PhD
Read about the 2018 recipient – Katerina Akassoglou, PhD
Read about the 2017 recipient – Robin Franklin, PhD, whose lecture is summarized in this paper in Multiple Sclerosis Journal: "Remyelination and ageing: Reversing the Ravages of Time"

Read about the 2016 recipient – Daniel Reich, MD, PhD
Read about the 2015 recipients –  Laura Balcer, MD, MSCE, Peter Calabresi, MD, and Elliot Frohman, MD, PhD
2014 recipient – Philip De Jager, MD, PhD
2013 recipient – Jonah Chan, PhD

Criteria and nominations

The goal of the prize is to recognize innovation in scientific research in the field of multiple sclerosis. Nominations must be submitted on behalf an individual, or team of individuals, by one or more colleagues or mentors. Self-nominations are not permitted. Nomination letters should include current institution and contact information of the nominator and nominee. The narrative should address the nominee’s scientific accomplishments with an emphasis on citing the innovative and impactful aspects of the nominee’s work, including a maximum of 2 journal citations if appropriate.

Previous nominations are not automatically carried forward. If you wish to re-nominate a previous candidate, please update the earlier nomination with any significant developments and/or citations and resubmit.

A selection committee comprised of leaders in science, medicine, and MS advocacy will review nominees. The committee will evaluate:

• Exceptional innovation and originality in scientific research relevant to MS
• Impact and potential of the research to lead to pathways for the treatment and cure for MS
• Scientific accomplishments that merit recognition as a future leader in MS research

Nominees that exhibit these qualities will be invited to submit a final application that will include an interview by the selection committee.


Any investigator(s) active in MS research is eligible for the prize, and the nominee(s) may be from any institution or organization— public or private, government, as well as commercial entities. The award is intended for early to mid-career MS researchers. Nominees should have no more than 20 years of experience as an independent investigator or team leader to be eligible. There are no specific requirements for residency or citizenship. Nominees need not be current or past grantees of the National MS Society.


Deadlines for the 2023 prize: Nominations open May 15, 2023 – and will be accepted until August 11, 2023. Nomination letters should be emailed to
Questions about the prize may be addressed to Cathy Carlson ( or Bruce Bebo, PhD (

  • August 2023: Nominees are contacted and invited to submit materials in support of their nomination
  • October 2023: Finalists are selected to present their research to the prize committee
  • December 2023: Interviews with committee and winner notified
  • Late February-Early March 2024: Recipient presenta the Barancik Prize plenary lecture at ACTRIMS Forum in West Palm Beach, Florida

About the Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation

The Charles and Margery Barancik family has long believed in the power of philanthropy to shape our world and enrich the lives of all people. It was the expression of this belief that led them in 2014 to establish the Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation—a private, family foundation located in Sarasota, Florida. The Barancik Foundation creates initiatives and awards grants in Sarasota and beyond in the areas of education, humanitarian causes, arts and culture, the environment, and medical research. Chuck and Margie Barancik were major personal supporters of medical research projects in the field of multiple sclerosis for more than 20 years.


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