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Additional Issues

The National MS Society and MS activists engage on the following issues at the state and federal level.

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What We Are Trying to Accomplish

To remain at the forefront of healthcare and disability rights policy, the Society monitors legislation on:
  • Medical Cannabis - The National MS Society supports the ability of a person living with MS to make an informed choice about their treatment with their health care provider, including the use of cannabis products when in accordance with state laws. Medical research suggests that derivatives of cannabis may lessen patient-reported MS symptoms like spasticity, pain related to spasticity and frequent urination. In addition to advocating for state legislation to allow people living with MS to access medical cannabis, the Society has also urged the Drug Enforcement Administration and Congress to reschedule cannabis to allow broader research into its potential benefits. Note: The National MS Society does not support the use of illegal forms of marijuana for disease treatment or condone self-medicating using marijuana. We do not support legalization for recreational use and only support access to medical cannabis in non-smokable forms.
  • Value-Based Care – Value-based care is a departure from the traditional fee-for-service approach. In value-based care, healthcare providers are paid for helping keep people healthy in an evidenced-based, more cost-conscious way by improving quality and outcomes for patients.
  • Access to Rehabilitation Therapies - People with MS use rehab to help maintain functions that allow them to live, work and play safely and independently in their homes and communities.  

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