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Affordability of and Access to MS Medications

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What We Are Trying to Accomplish

Medications can only change lives if people can access them. Medications — and the process for getting them — must be affordable, simple and transparent. 

Leadership from all stakeholders involved — pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers, pharmacy benefit managers, specialty pharmacies, healthcare providers, policy makers, people with MS and others — must work together to ensure that people with MS have access to  the medications they need to live their best lives.

Why It’s Important

Studies show that early and ongoing treatment with a disease-modifying therapy is the best way to modify the course of the disease, slow the accumulation of disability and protect the brain from damage due to MS.

MS medications have transformed the outlook for relapsing MS over the last 20 years, yet many people living with MS cannot access the medications they need. 

Continually escalating prices have created a significant barrier to treatment, forcing higher costs and increased stress for individuals and families, causing a greater burden for people who already live with a life-altering condition.   

In 2004, the average annual cost for MS medications was $16,000; today it is $78,000 — that’s an increase of nearly 400 percent.

Happening at the National Level

On May 16, 2017 Congress introduced the Fair Accountability and Innocative Research Drug Pricing Act (FAIR) of 2017 (H.R. 2439/ S. 1131). 

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Learn more about the Society’s recommendations on access to MS medications.


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