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Access to Health Care Providers

Every person with multiple sclerosis needs access to a comprehensive network of healthcare providers to meet his or her unique healthcare needs.

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What We Are Trying to Accomplish

In the changing healthcare landscape, health insurance plans are encouraged to develop and maintain provider networks that ensure coverage and access to quality MS care. This can include care from neurologists, rehabilitation providers, radiologists, mental health providers and other specialists, as well as products from pharmacies, durable medical equipment (DME) providers, home care agencies and more.

Why It’s Important

People with MS have a variety of healthcare needs including but not limited to: addressing neurological symptoms, emotional and psychological issues, rehabilitation therapies to improve and maintain function and independence, and long-term care. These needs vary dramatically from person to person.

Some states require private health insurers to meet “network adequacy” requirements for managed care plans, but these requirements vary across the country. In order for an insurance plan to make affordable care accessible, it must have a robust network of a variety of types of healthcare providers. These providers must be able to see plan enrollees in a timely manner and must be located within a reasonable distance of where enrollees live and/or work.

In some states, consumers may be purchasing health insurance plans in their state’s health benefit exchange or the federal marketplace with a much narrower provider network than they had with their previous health insurance coverage.

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Help make sure that every person with MS has meaningful access to a comprehensive network of providers to meet his or her unique needs. 

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