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Please contact us to learn how your company can help make a difference in the lives of people affected by MS and benefit from the employee engagement and camaraderie fostered through national teams


Featured Team

Salesforce bike team

Team Left Hand is a group of employees and friends dedicated to solving the riddle that is Multiple Sclerosis. Since 2008, the team has raised over $4.4 million, and won’t stop riding or fundraising until MS stands for Mystery Solved. Along with this amazing milestone, Left Hand has become the Official Beer Sponsor of the Bike MS Series. Left Hand Brewing has also released a new beer, “Wheels Gose ‘Round” that will help to raise awareness for Team Left Hand and Bike MS!

Team Left Hand supports several Bike MS rides around the country, with most covering 150 miles from the Colorado Rockies to the sandy beaches of Florida. This year, Team Left Hand is participating in their 13th ride in Colorado, 7th ride in Florida, 6th ride in Ohio, 5th ride in Texas and 4th ride in Los Angeles, California, and is excited to announce they will be adding two new bike teams in 2020: Team Left Hand Washington and Team Left Hand Delaware. Team Left Hand is open to everyone and they hope you’ll consider joining them to raise funds & awareness for the millions of people around the world affected by MS.

As this awesome national team proves, when personal passion and corporate support intersect, incredible things can happen. Thank you, Team Left Hand, for your support!

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