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Rain Pryor


Photo of Rain Pryor

Rain Pryor

Rain Pryor Serves Important Role as a National Ambassador

We are pleased to announce that Rain Pryor has become a new Ambassador for the MS cause and has volunteered to support the work of the National MS Society, particularly with reference to our Women Against MS program.

Rain Pryor is known for the many hats she wears: actress, singer, writer, producer, and comedian. She has won numerous awards, received countless standing ovations, sold out well-known theaters, and had her praises sung by the entertainment world's greatest stars. "There's not a thing about her that doesn't work," said comedic mogul Carl Reiner. "She sings, she moves, she does humor." Still, with such a busy and successful career, Pryor counts one of the most important "hats" as that of an educator and advocate for multiple sclerosis.

Pryor is determined to find a cure for MS. This is because her father, boundary-breaking comedian Richard Pryor, lived with the disease for nearly 30 years. Diagnosed in 1986, when Rain was in her late teens, her father's illness changed their previously strained relationship for the better and brought them closer. "When he got sick with multiple sclerosis, I think it put everything into perspective for me," she told CBS News. Pryor took it upon herself to educate and raise money for this disease that was impacting her father's mobility and speech. To raise awareness, Pryor and her father joined forces to play father and daughter on the small screen in an episode about MS on Chicago Hope. Pryor devotes a great deal of time to supporting her family and friends coping with this debilitating disease. Traveling the country, she speaks (and sings) at numerous National Multiple Sclerosis Society events.

In 2005, Rain joined MS Lifelines as an Ambassador helping to provide awareness, education, and hope to people and their families with MS.

Rain has been a working actor all her life. She made her television debut in 1989 as a regular on the hit ABC series Head of the Class. She has guest starred on The Division, Showtime series Rude Awakening and has been a guest on The Tonight Show with both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno. She has appeared in numerous films, including Universal Pictures release of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and the Melvin Van Peebles film, Panther.

A cross-section of just some of Rain's professional recognition includes being hailed a Los Angeles Times "Critics Choice," and being nominated for Best Solo Performance in the Ovation Awards. She also began 2005 with nominations from the NAACP Theatre Awards, including Best Performer, Best Original Playwright, Best Direction, and Best Sound Design. She was recently named the recipient of the 2004 Invisible Theatre's Goldie Klein Guest Artist Award. Pryor resides in California.

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