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Zoe Koplowitz


Photo of Zoe Koplowitz

Zoe Koplowitz

In a world that values fast, she is perpetually slow. In a world that demands first, she gives new meaning to the word last.

Although Zoe lives with the daily challenges of multiple sclerosis, diabetes and Sjogren's Syndrome, she has successfully completed a total of twenty seven marathons, all in last place.

In 2013 her thirty-seven hour, fifteen minute run set a world record for the longest marathon in the history of women's running.

Zoe has been featured on numerous TV and radio programs including Saturday Night Live, "The Today Show", the Lifetime Network, CNN, ESPN, and many others. She also holds the distinction of being featured in a Milk Mustache Ad and is chronicled in Wikipedia.

Her volunteer work has been recognized by several organizations including the National MS Society, Chase Manhattan Bank, The Achilles Track Club and the Sara Lee Corp. In addition, L'eggs Pantyhose honored Zoe as a "Woman Who Shapes The World" and donated $50,000 to the Multiple Sclerosis Society on her behalf.

Zoe's marathons have become a metaphor for self-acceptance and personal achievement. Her transformational journey of the spirit has captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, superseding the boundaries of race, class and economics.

In speeches across the country and abroad she shares the true stories and lessons that she has learned in the course of her marathon adventures. Chief among them is the importance of faith, intention and commitment coupled with the dynamic power of humor, friendship and self-acceptance.

Perhaps the greatest lesson of all that Zoe shares applies to both every day life as well as the marathon course.

The race belongs not only to
the swift and strong -
but to those who keep on running
Words To Live By ...