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Wendi Berger


Photo of Wendi Berger

Wendi Berger

“You would never know by looking at my friend — the impeccably stylish, physically fit Lisa Brettschneider — that she has lived with MS since she was 28,” says Wendi S. Berger. “You would never know the pain she experiences, the monthly transfusions she receives and the uncertainty of her future mobility because she will never let you know. There are just too many wonderful things she’d rather talk about.”

Wendi, a longtime beauty industry professional, cites her “always smiling” friend Lisa as having inspired her to launch her own all-natural perfume line.

“‘So how is it being back at work?’ Lisa asked me two years ago when we all went away together for a friend’s birthday celebration,” Wendi explains. “I had just returned from my maternity leave and realized that it may be time for a career change. After working my way up through the beauty fashion magazine world and achieving publisher status, I was itching to spend time with my baby and launch my own business.”

“I would like to do something on my own but I have no idea,” Wendi recalls telling Lisa. That’s all Lisa needed to hear. A former hand bag designer, Lisa’s bags achieved a cult following status in the '90s and sold out at Bloomingdale's. “She knew all about doing your own thing,” Wendi says. “Take your passion and turn it into something,” Lisa offered.

“Well, I have always been a fragrance junkie,” Wendi admits. “In fact, the only time I had to stop wearing fragrances was while I was pregnant. I couldn’t find any natural fragrances on the market that didn’t make me smell like a spa.”

“So make some,” Lisa insisted. “Do it! Make some all-natural perfumes!”

“Lisa was so emphatic that I actually perked up,” Wendi says. “Looking at my always positive, always glass-is-half-full friend, a bolt of lightning struck me. If I was going to make beautiful all-natural perfume, it was going to give back and help people like her. Each fragrance I would produce, would give back to a specific cause, and MS would be our first.”

After their meeting, Wendi worked on creating business and marketing plans. But there was one thing missing: a name for her new company. “Of course, my muse, the uber-creative Lisa, coined it,” remembers Wendi.

“’Since you are giving back to the world, how about ‘Pour le Monde’? Lisa suggested. Pour le Monde means ‘for the world’ in French. And voila! We had our name.”

Lisa also named the fragrance Wendi created for the Society, “Envision,” to envision a world free of MS. Pour le Monde is launching with three 100% natural eau de parfums, benefiting three charity partners, and will be introducing two more by year’s end. Additionally, Pour le Monde is one of only two companies in the nation with fragrances currently certified by the Natural Products Association, ensuring that every ingredient really is all-natural.

For each bottle of Envision that Pour Le Monde sells directly from their website, the Society will receive 10% of the net proceeds.

“None of this would have happened without Lisa,” says Wendi. “It’s an honor to be her friend and support an organization that will help make her life with MS easier.”

Visit to learn more about Envision and Pour le Monde as well as to learn more about creative ways to independently raise funds to move us closer to a world free of multiple sclerosis.


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