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MS Ambassador Toolkit


As representatives of the Society, MS Ambassadors work in their communities to promote collaboration, innovation, diverse perspectives and, most of all, a relentless resolve to help people with MS live their best lives. They are prepared to fill a variety of roles, as they:

  • Build trust and confidence among volunteers, donors, fundraisers, people with MS, health professionals and other community members to promote action and raise awareness about MS.
  • Educate communities and groups so that more people affected by MS are equipped with the information and resources they need to live their best lives.
  • Engage communities in our work through programs, events and fundraisers to fuel fundraising progress, build diversity and empower people affected by MS to solve everyday challenges.

This toolkit provides the necessary tools and resources to accomplish these goals.

MS Ambassador tools and resources

Review information about the National MS Society to share with others, consider how best to engage with your community, fine-tune communication skills and more with the resources below.

Post-Activity Tracker

We love to hear about what you all are doing throughout your communities as an MS Ambassador. Share what you have been up to by filling out the tracker.

Track Activity

About the National MS Society

MS Ambassador planning & networking tools

Resources to help begin identifying and planning for opportunities in your community. 

Tools for engaging your community

Informational tools to build awareness and engage communities in the MS movement.

National MS Society resources

Recursos para voluntarios

Aprenda a organizar una reunión virtual y encuentre recursos educativos y de apoyo.


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