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Dorothy Cooper


2009 - Dorothy Cooper

Dorothy Cooper, much like Sylvia Lawry was a visionary. In the early 1970’s Burt and Dorothy Cooper along with Oscar and Marion Dystel decided to expand the Westchester chapter when their respective children were diagnosed with MS. They co-founded the Southern New York Chapter of the National MS Society, which covered the Hudson Valley, to educate and help serve the MS community in Westchester and its surrounding counties.

Dorothy is a woman of many accomplishments. While she has been a resident of Westchester County for more than 50 years, she spent many of those years commuting to her art studio in Manhattan where she refined her craft. Her sculptures can be found in many private collections today.

To this day, she continues to support the efforts of our chapter and its mission to those affected with this disease. She is a lifetime trustee on the board of the SNY chapter. Her stature in the community has engaged many others to join our movement. Dorothy's daughter, Lisa Brettschneider, is following in her mother's footsteps and serves on the Women on the Move committee.