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Dr. George H. Kraft


2011 - George H. Kraft, MD, MS

Dr. Kraft attended Harvard and received his MD and MS from Ohio State University. At the University of Washington, he is the director of the Western Multiple Sclerosis Center, the principal investigator of the Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Research and Training Center, Alvord professor of Multiple Sclerosis Research, professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, and adjunct professor of Neurology. Beginning in 1970, Dr. Kraft began serving the National MS Society in many capacities. A few of his accomplishments include:

  • National MS Society, Western Washington Chapter Board (1970-83)
  • Professional Advisory Committee (1970-2003); Chairman (1975-82)
  • Professional Advisory Task Force (2003-present)
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Board of Trustees, Puget Sound Chapter Service Award (1982)
  • Member of the Clinical Care Committee (1980-present)
  • Member of the Medical Advisory Board (1983-present)
  • Chair, Peer Review Committee—Committee C (Patient Management, Care and Rehabilitation)
  • Co-chair of the rehabilitation research conference held in New York in 2005
  • Co-chaired task force that developed an expert opinion paper on rehabilitation in MS
  • An informal advisor to the National MS Society’s publication staff for over 12 years
  • Author of regular column entitled “Rehab News” in Momentum.