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Dr. Henry McFarland


2009 - Henry McFarland, MD

( also a Hall of Fame recipient in the Researcher category)

Dr. McFarland is a neurologist, researcher, chief of the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Neuroimmunology Branch, and leader in the MS movement. Over the past 35 years, he has dedicated his career to MS research and countless hours to the National MS Society. Dr. McFarland is internationally known for his groundbreaking MS research into genetic components, immune mechanisms, and using MRI scans to monitor disease course. He has published 250 papers and in 1998 received the Dystel Prize. At NIH, he oversees clinical research and mentors rising researchers. Dr. McFarland has been an active member and chair of numerous Society committees and task forces involving research, clinical trials, and pediatric MS. After years of service on the Society’s Board of Directors, he is an Honorary Life Director. Locally, Dr. McFarland served on the National Capital Chapter’s Board of Trustees and Ethics Committee. He presents at local client education programs and has helped with grassroots media outreach to educate the general public. Dr. McFarland serves as chair of the Chapter’s Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC). Under his leadership, the CAC oversees the Chapter’s medically related programs, guides involvement with D.C.’s health care community, facilitates networking, and organizes annual Charcot Lectures.