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2014 - Yolanda Treiguts


2014 - Yolanda Treigut

Greater Illinois

Yolanda Treigut’s lifelong volunteer career and commitment started in 1978, shortly after she was diagnosed with MS. She attended a support group and within a few years began dedicating extensive time and effort to facilitating the South Cook MS self-help group. Since then, volunteering for many different roles at the Society has become her fulltime career including captaining a Walk MS team, serving on the local board of trustees and Finance Committee, chairing the Volunteer Development Committee, speaking out as an MS activist, and serving on many steering committees both locally and nationally. Yolanda has received multiple awards and accolades from the National MS Society and the Chicago community for her involvement in improving the lives of people with disabilities through advocacy, programs support, fundraising and education. Yolanda’s motivation is the impact she has on the lives of people living with MS and their families.


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