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Work, Home & Leisure

Explore tools and strategies that will allow you to get where you want to go and do what you want to do — comfortably, safely, and with a limited drain on your energy.

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Meaningful and rewarding activities that promote a sense of purpose contribute to overall wellness. When people engage in activities that fully utilize their talents, skills and creativity, their self-confidence and self-esteem continue to grow and their sense of personal identity is strengthened. Whether those activities are at home, at work, or in the community, they all reinforce a person’s sense of well-being.

The symptoms of MS can get in the way of everyday activities – creating some physical, emotional or cognitive barriers

Creative and flexible problem-solving, along with thoughtful planning and optimal use of available resources, can make it possible to continue doing the things that are important to you – and even discover new activities that you may never have considered before.
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Staying in the game at work

MS is a complex and unpredictable disease that can have varying effects on a person’s ability to work. As symptoms come and go, you may question your ability to continue in your current job, enjoy career advancement or find other work that suits you better. Important first steps include knowing how to advocate for yourself in the workplace and learning the ways in which reasonable accommodations can help you be successful on the job. If increasing symptoms of disability begin to interfere with your job performance, you can explore other career options using some helpful tools.

Even if you are no longer in the workforce or are significantly mobility-impaired, you can still put your skills and talents to good use in your community. Volunteers are always needed – so check out your local library, community centers, youth programs, schools, religious institutions and other local organizations for opportunities to have an impact and remain actively engaged.

Protecting yourself with sound financial planning and insurance management

It’s never too early to begin planning financially for the future. With or without MS, the future is unknown, but the added unpredictability of MS makes it even more important to do a personal inventory of your income, assets, debts, insurance coverage, employment benefits, disability benefit options and other resources.

Ensuring the accessibility of your home and workplace

In order to remain fully mobile and engaged in the activities that matter to you, your home, workplace, neighborhood and transportation options must all be accessible and suited to your needs. Modifications to your home, accommodations in your workplace and accessible public transportation can all help you stay as involved as you would like to be. An occupational therapist (OT) can help you identify the tools and modifications to meet your needs.

Staying mobile

Staying mobile is all about getting where you want to go and doing what you want to do – safely, comfortable and independently. You can keep yourself mobile by managing your symptoms, minimizing your risk of falls, and taking full advantage of mobility aids, automobile adaptations (see English and Spanish brochures) and accessible transportation.

Making the decision to use an adaptive device for mobility or driving is seldom easy. For most people, healthy grieving over the loss of the way things used to be is the necessary first step thinking openly and creatively about new ways to stay mobile active and engaged at home, at work or in the community.

Enjoying recreational and leisure activities

Enjoyable activities contribute to overall wellness and quality of life. Whether you are participating in physical activities or sports, exploring nature or traveling to other parts of the country or the world, you are attending to your health and wellbeing by staying active, interacting with others, enjoying new experiences and having fun. Virtually every activity can be adapted in ways to suit your needs.


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The National MS Society’s Partners in MS Care program connects you to local health care providers and medical facilities that have demonstrated exceptional care, knowledge and expertise in treating patients with MS. All partners, whether they are a neurologist or social worker, have a strong relationship with the Society and connect their patients to the information, resources and support they need to live their best lives with MS. Find a Partner in MS Care.


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