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Open Enrollment Guide


Annual Medicare Open Enrollment Period

The Annual Medicare Open Enrollment Period is from October 15th – December 7th.  If you need help reviewing plans for the next year call an MS Navigator and ask for a plan search. 1-800-344-4867
The Annual Open Enrollment Period offers a chance to reevaluate and make informed decisions about your coverage for the following year. Even if you’re happy with your health insurance plan, explore your options during Open Enrollment in case your plan changes – or a new plan may offer coverage that’s better suited for your health care needs.
It’s important not to choose coverage based only on the monthly premiums. Low premiums don’t equal cost savings, and high premiums don’t mean better coverage. Here are some resources to help you compare plan options:
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Even if you like your Medicare plan this year, review your options since plans can change their benefits, networks and formularies from one year to the next. As well, you can make sure you are enrolled in the Part D or Medicare Advantage plan that will best meet your unique health needs in the next coverage year.

Open enrollment starts on October 15 and ends on December 7. All changes made during this time will go into effect on January 1. 

Schedule a Medicare Plan Search

Call 1-800-344-4867, option 1 to schedule a 1:1 telephone Medicare Plan Search consult with a member of the MS Navigator Benefits & Employment Support Team. You can also contact us here and mention “Medicare Plan Search” in your message.

Note that some states are served by trusted community partners instead of the Benefits & Employment Support Team. If you live in one of these states, you’ll be given that contact information when you call an MS Navigator.

Additional Resources for People with Medicare

While you wait for your 1:1 consult:

Another resource for Medicare plans and options is your local SHIP Medicare Counseling provider. They will have training in Medicare options, but usually aren’t as familiar with MS-specific needs as members of our Benefits & Employment Support Team.

Consider sharing our Medicare Resources for People with MS with your Medicare counselor.

Employer Coverage

Employers who offer health insurance have an annual open enrollment period. The dates and deadlines vary, so be sure to pay attention to the communications you receive from Human Resources or the Benefits Administrator, and reach out to them with any questions about your coverage options.

MS Navigators do not have the training to help you select a plan if your employer offers more than one coverage option.

Marketplace Plans

Dates for Open Enrollment

Even if you like your Marketplace plan this year, review your options since plans can change their benefits, networks and formularies from one year to the next. The open enrollment period for states that use the federal Marketplace will be November 1 – January 15. If your state has its own Marketplace, the dates might vary. Visit the Marketplace for your state to find out when it’s open enrollment.

Find & Compare Coverage Options

Learn more about individual health insurance options.


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