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Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed (book)


by Nancy J. Holland, RN, EdD, T. Jock Murray, MD, Stephen C. Reingold, PhD

Publisher: Demos Health Publishing, 2012


The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) poses potential concerns related to all aspects of life and plans for the future. Family members and other loved ones are similarly concerned, and everyone involved struggles to make sense of life with this permanent intruder. One of the first responses is usually an active search for information about the disease itself and its potential long-term effects.

Chapters discuss the nature of MS, its management, and guidelines for dealing with all aspects of the disease and its impact on your life. A chapter on services available from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, a glossary, a list of resources, and additional reading suggestions make this the place to begin your education about MS.

With education and proper care, most people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis will lead full and productive lives. Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed, Third Edition is an essential resource for everything you need to know about MS, and includes new or updated sections on:

  • The most current medical treatments for the management of MS
  • Complementary and alternative medicine and MS
  • Financial and life planning
  • Children with MS
  • Updated diagnostic criteria

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