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Barrier-Free Travel: A Nuts And Bolts Guide For Wheelers And Slow Walkers (book)


by Candy Harrington

Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing, 2009


Authored by the editor of the leading travel magazine for people with disabilities, Emerging Horizons, this second edition of Barrier-Free Travel continues to be the definitive guide to accessible travel for those who use a wheelchair, walker or cane, or have any physical ailment that may slow down their gait. It is a well-researched resource that contains detailed information about the logistics of planning accessible travel by plane, train, bus and ship. It contains resources, travel tips and updated information about accessible travel options.

Chapters include information on how to find and book an accessible room, cruises, ground transportation, overseas travel, advocacy, disability law and rights, air travel, protecting your wheelchair when you travel, how to find and work with a travel agent, and resources from around the world. This new edition includes a chapter on children’s travel issues and—due to popular demand—a much expanded section on cruises. Expanded airport security procedures have changed the way we travel and thus the book offers new information about these security procedures and how they apply to wheelchair users and slow walkers.

Because of the chaos and uncertainty involved in travel, people who need accessible accommodations need thoughtful, reliable information. Barrier-Free Travel gives readers the tools and resources to prepare for their journeys and is essential reading for every traveler with mobility limitations.

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by Mary Ann O'Driscoll for InsideMS, July 2007

The revised edition of Barrier-Free Travel updates valuable accessibility information on watercraft from cruise ships to dinghies, as well as airlines, buses, trains, rental cars—you name it. It familiarizes readers with their rights, including tips on how to ensure that all needs will be met and what to do in the case of lost or damaged accessibility equipment. Harrington even provides precise lingo that will guarantee that the room reserved is accessible as we mean the term.

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