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Lean on Me: 10 Powerful Steps to Moving Beyond Your Diagnosis and Taking Back Your Life (book)


by Nancy Davis

Publisher: Fireside, 2006


At the young age of 33, Nancy Davis was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The finality of the neurologist's prognosis was devastating: within a year she would be confined to her bed and, at best, able to push the buttons on her television's remote control. Rather than accept a hopeless prognosis, Nancy learned about her illness and, in turn, created a new life for herself with a new health regimen and an expanded range of therapeutic options. In Lean on Me, Nancy shares her deeply personal story and provides a step-by-step guide for taking charge of your own health care in the face of life-threatening disease. Each step offers readers the strategies and strength to carry on when they are feeling overwhelmed and the concrete tools for actively seeking and receiving the best treatment. In the face of a medical crisis, Lean on Me shows how to navigate the healthcare waters, find hope, take positive action, and celebrate progress—and supplies authoritative information that can save your life or the life of a loved one.

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Reviewed by Mary O'Driscoll for InsideMS, June 2006

This inspiring book educates the reader about handling those hopeless feelings of having a doomed future. We're taught how to take our life back and possibly make it better than before. I believe Lean on Me could benefit anyone with a life-changing illness. Healthy people who wish to stay that way could learn something too.

The book has tips about listening to your body, guidelines for eating well, advice on options for exercise. The author encourages us to explore alternative therapies, and says why. She discusses how to deal with and understand doctors—including things you should ask and things you should know. She covers how to communicate with insurance companies in their own secret lingo.

I definitely recommend Lean on Me. It will show you how to be as well as possible so that you too can say to other people, "Lean on me."

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