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Live in Wellness Now (book)


by Barbara B. Appelbaum

Publisher: Love Your Life Publishing, 2013


How often do you feel tired and stressed beyond your limit? Do you struggle to balance the demands of work and family? Are you rundown finding yourself restless, living on fast food, and often getting sick?

If you are an aging Baby Boomer, have a chronic medical challenge or serious illness, isn't it time to invest in yourself and commit to your health?

Live in Wellness Now is an interactive, holistic journal designed to help you alleviate stress and improve your health. Written by certified wellness coach Barbara B. Appelbaum, who has first-hand experience managing a chronic disease, this interactive book empowers you to:

  • Listen to and trust your own body
  • Stave off age-related disease as you grow older
  • Document and organize your medical, nutritional, fitness and spiritual information
  • Communicate effectively with your health care team
  • Be your own advocate and enjoy your life, health, and wellness

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