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MS and Your Feelings: Handling the Ups and Downs of Multiple Sclerosis (book)


by Allison Shadday, LCSW

Publisher: Hunter House, 2006


Few people are prepared for the emotional impact of multiple sclerosis, the unpredictable, disabling chronic inflammatory condition now affecting one out of every thousand Americans. Patients typically experience fear, anger, sadness, guilt, low self-esteem and sexual dysfunction. Half of all MS patients suffer from depression, while invisible symptoms, such as "brain fog" and severe fatigue, often leave them feeling misunderstood and alone. These emotional effects can be as crippling as the physical challenges, yet little has been written on this topic.

Psychotherapist and MS patient Allison Shadday offers readers effective strategies for coping with the psychological trauma of this disease. Using patient success stories to illustrate her step-by-step coping strategies, she offers readers hope, inspiration and validation. Her insights include:

  • techniques to identify and manage stress triggers that can impact MS symptoms
  • ways to minimize MS-related fatigue and deal with cognitive challenges
  • strategies for coping with fear, guilt, anger, loss, depression and isolation
  • steps to enhance intimacy and build support networks
  • tips for increasing self-esteem and developing emotional security

A chapter for caregivers gives tips on how to enhance the emotional health of someone with MS, while renowned neurologist and MS expert Dr. Stanley Cohan contributes discussions on the latest medical thinking and the promising future of drug research for this challenging condition.

Full of immediate, useful solutions, MS and Your Feelings is an invaluable guide for patients, their loved ones and MS health-care professionals.

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