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Multiple Sclerosis: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier (book)


by Shelley Peterman Schwarz

Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing, 2006


This completely revised second edition of Multiple Sclerosis: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier contains tips, techniques, and shortcuts to help MS patients organize and simplify their lives. With over 300 tips readers will learn to conserve valuable time and energy, develop techniques for making life easier, so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

From basic principles to unique solutions for saving time and energy to specific ideas, this book is packed with helpful information for those coping with the special challenges of a chronic illness. Updated chapters cover Home Safety and Accessibility, Computers and Technology, Looking Good, Feeling Better - Grooming and Dressing, Managing Mealtime, and much more. NEW sections include:

Managing medical issues Travel tips for weekend getaways or extended travel Unique product suggestions for practical helpful items that make everyday tasks easier Resource section to easily locate products and services

Multiple Sclerosis: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier, 2nd Edition is a valuable resource for individuals living with MS, family members, caregivers, and medical professionals.

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by Dana Bard for InsideMS, August 2006

There are exactly 300 tips in this book, which sounds like a recipe for chaos. Fortunately, that's not the case. Schwarz divvies tips up into seven different categories, each of which gets its own chapter: General Tips; In Your Home; Looking Good, Feeling Better; Managing Mealtime Madness; Taking Care of YOU; Managing Medical Issues; and, my favorite of the bunch, Weekend Getaways and Extended Travel.

Schwarz is, in a word, resourceful, and you'll be surprised by many of these tips. Chapter 2, "In Your Home," begins with tip number 18: Rubber Bands. Yes, rubber bands. As Schwarz writes: "Rubber bands can add girth to handles on kitchen tools, hairbrushes and toothbrushes, and other household objects. Try adding rubber bands anywhere you need a little extra help gripping."

These are real-world practical strategies, many of which this reviewer had never thought of, and some of which add new twists on old saws ("To keep your body temperature down, bathing or showering in cool water is recommended for people wth MS. [But] start with warm or tepid water and gradually increase the coolness, giving your body time to adjust.")

Schwarz isn't afraid to mention specific time and energy-saving products by name--each chapter includes a resource list to easily locate anything that sounds particularly useful.

I'm not putting this book on the shelf. I'm leaving it right here on my desk where I can most easily get to it.

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