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  1. ONLINE Health & Wellness

    Accessible Travel Basics: From Planning to Execution

    Brought to you by the National MS Society and Can Do MS.

  2. ONLINE Groups & Discussions

    United: Couples Support

    Multiple Dates
  3. ONLINE Nutrition

    Weight Management and Nutrition

    Brought to you by the National MS Society and Can Do MS.

  4. PRINT Mobility & Accessibility

    101 Accessible Vacations: Travel Ideas For Wheelers And Slow Walkers (book)

    101 Accessible Vacations: Travel Ideas for Wheelers and Slow Walkers is the first guidebook dedicated exclusively to wheelchair-accessible destinations, lodgings and recreational opportunities. Penned by Candy B. Harrington, the editor of Emerging Horizons, this new title focuses on the vacation planning needs of wheelchair-users and slow walkers.

  5. ONLINE Complementary and Alternative Medicines

    Acupuncture and MS: The Basic Facts (.pdf)

    An exploration of what is known and not known about this complementary therapy by Alan Bowling, MD, PhD and Tom Stewart.

  6. ONLINE Legal

    ADA and People with MS (.pdf)

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Protection for people with multiple sclerosis.

  7. ONLINE Long-Term Care

    A Guide for Support Partners (.pdf)

    Practical issues faced by caregivers. Includes resource list. By Tanya Radford.

  8. VIDEO Nutrition

    Antioxidants and MS (video)

    Mary Hughes, MD, answers a viewer's questions about antioxidants and if they are recommended for people with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

  9. VIDEO Mobility & Accessibility

    Ask an MS Expert: Diet and MS

    They say: “You are what you eat.” While there is no special “MS diet,” a healthy diet is an important complement to your MS treatment plan to help you feel your best. Dr. Ilana Katz Sands of Mount Sinai Hospital will lead us in a discussion around MS dietary recommendations and how to understand MS diet research studies.

  10. PRINT Symptom Management

    Cambios anímicos en personas con esclerosis múltiple

    Si bien los profesionales clínicos empezaron a notar cambios anímicos asociados a la esclerosis múltiple en el siglo XIX, recién empezaron hace poco a prestarles el mismo nivel de atención a los síntomas anímicos que a los síntomas físicos.


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