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  1. ONLINE Social & Emotional support

    Caring for Loved Ones with Advanced MS - A Guide for Families (.pdf)

    This booklet is designed for families who are caring for a person with advanced Multiple Sclerosis.

  2. ONLINE Complementary and Alternative Medicines

    Clear Thinking About Alternative Therapies (.pdf)

    Facts and common misconceptions, plus practical ways to evaluate benefits and risks. By Virginia Foster.

  3. ONLINE Research & Clinical Trials

    Find Clinical Trials

    Clinical trials help to find solutions for everyone affected by MS. Find studies near you.

  4. ONLINE Research & Clinical Trials

    Clinical Trials in MS

    Large Phase 3 trials in RR MS. Updated September 2013. Abbreviations Key: AAN – American Academy of Neurology. CIS – Clinically Isolated Syndrome.

  5. VIDEO Treating MS

    Comprehensive Care and MS (video)

    Learn the importance of a comprehensive approach in managing MS and how to form a comprehensive care team.

  6. ONLINE Symptom Management

    Managing Spasticity (.pdf)

    Managing this common, sometimes disabling, MS symptom — roles of self-help, medications, physical therapists, nurses, and physicians.

  7. VIDEO Exercise

    Controlling Your Weight and MS (video)

    This video features Mary Hughes, MD, who answers a viewer's question about concerns of controlling weight for people with MS.

  8. IN PERSON Symptom Management

    Cooling Equipment Information & National Vendor List (.pdf)

    Explore cooling equipment options and learn how to select the best gear for your needs, climate, and budget. Compare vendors and use the promo codes to receive preferred pricing. Learn about insurance coverage and discover sources of free cooling gear for people living with MS (eligibility criteria apply).

  9. ONLINE Emotional Health

    Depression and MS (.pdf)

    Symptoms of depression, the relationship between MS and depression, available therapies, and where to find help.

  10. PRINT Emotional Health

    Depression In MS


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