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Clinical Trial: Evaluating Mobility Interventions in the Real World


Treatment mode of action: To improve mobility
Number of Subjects: 10
Medication: lower-limb orthoses (leg braces)
Location: Illinois|Iowa|Michigan|Minnesota|Wisconsin
Institutions: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Madison, Wisconsin, United States, 53706-1539 Contact Information
Peter G Adamczyk, Ph.D.


United States Department of Defense


What is this study about?

We want to study the best ways to help people walk and run better using lower-limb orthoses (leg braces).

To do this, we will study people who use orthoses, as well as people who don’t.

What will happen during the study?

You might do any of the following activities: 
•    Stand, and walk at different speeds, on different surfaces, up and down stairs
•    Wear sensors to measure your movement, your muscle activity, how much energy you use while moving
•    Wear sensors that track your location
•    Test different orthotic devices, or footwear
•    Test your physical abilities
•    Complete questionnaires about your ability to do everyday activities (if you wear anorthosis)
•    Give us feedback about device performance
•    Be video recorded and photographed while doing study activities

Being in this study will not affect your regular health care.  The tests done in this study are only for research and will not be used for your medical care.

How much time will I spend on the study?

Each experiment has 4 visits that will take up to 4 hours. 

In the “take-home” portion of this study, you will use different orthoses periods up to three weeks each. You will wear movement sensors and location tracking sensors, which you must charge nightly and reinstall on your own. 


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