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Clinical Trial:IMU-838


Type of MS: RRMS
Treatment mode of action: To affect immune function
Number of Subjects: 1050
Medication: IMU-838 (vidofludimus calcium), a small molecule inhibitor of dihydroorotate dehydrogenase
Location: Massachusetts
Institutions: Boston Clinical Trials
26 Cummins Hwy, Boston, MA  02131 Contact Information
Joanne Monaghan


Immunic AG


Following a 4-week screening period, participants will take either oral IMU-838 or placebo for a period of 72 weeks during the main period of the study. Participants may need to stop taking certain MS medications during the trial.  An MRI scan will be needed during screening period for eligibility assessment, and then three additional times during the main period. A visual acuity test, a walk test, and an arm function test are performed at screening. Blood and urine samples and electrocardiograms will be taken during the study. MS symptoms will be assessed by investigator at each visit. There will NOT be any spinal taps during the trial.


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