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Clinical Trial: Online Program to Increase Physical Activity in Persons Newly Diagnosed with MS


Type of MS: RRMS
Number of Subjects: 20
Medication: Online Behavior Change Program for Promoting Physical Activity
Location: Alabama|Alaska|Arizona|Arkansas|California|Colorado|Connecticut|Delaware|District of Columbia|Florida|Georgia|Hawaii|Idaho|Illinois|Indiana|Iowa|Kansas|Kentucky|Louisiana|Maine|Maryland|Massachusetts|Michigan|Minnesota|Mississippi|Missouri|Montana|New Jersey|New Mexico|New York|North Carolina|North Dakota|Ohio|Oklahoma|Oregon|Pennsylvania|Rhode Island|South Carolina|South Dakota|Tennessee|Texas|Utah|Vermont|Virginia|Washington|West Virginia|Wisconsin|Wyoming
Institutions: University of Alabama at Birmingham Contact Information
Lexi Huynh




Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham are conducting an online behavior change intervention to promote lifestyle physical activity among persons diagnosed with MS within the last 2 years. The researchers aim to examine the effects of the program in helping persons newly diagnosed with MS increase physical activity levels. This study's findings can guide the development of more comprehensive and effective physical activity programs for individuals newly diagnosed with MS.
Participants will involve in a 12-week lifestyle physical activity behavior change program remotely delivered via email and Zoom one-on-one chat sessions. Participants will also complete two assessments of physical activity and MS outcomes before and after the program. All information provided will remain confidential. The researchers are seeking participants who:
  • Are 18 years of age or older.
  • Diagnosis of MS within the past two years
  • Able to walk without assistance
  • No relapse within the last 30 days
  • Currently physically inactive
  • Internet and email access
  • Able to read newsletter with a font size of 14 points
  • Currently on an MS treatment (DMTs)
Participants will receive compensation for their time and effort.


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