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Clinical Trial: Reducing Fatigue and Restoring Energy to Support Health (REFRESH)


Treatment mode of action: To reduce fatigue
Number of Subjects: 610
Medication: 6-week educational fatigue management course
Location: Minnesota|Pennsylvania
Institutions: Case Western Reserve University, University of Minnesota, Dalhousie University Contact Information
Dr. Matthew Plow


Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute


SUMMARY: A new research study is testing the effectiveness of an educational program that is delivered over the phone, internet, or videoconference.  Participating in the study will involve one assessment by videoconference , filling out 4 questionnaires over a 6-month period, and participating in a 6-week educational program. You will be compensated for your time. No in-person visits or travel is required.   

Dr. Matthew Plow from Case Western Reserve University is leading the study, with funding from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

Rationale: Fatigue is a common problem in people with MS. MS fatigue differs from normal fatigue in that it can occur daily, often after a good night's sleep. Self-management interventions have been shown to help people with MS manage their fatigue and improve quality of life. Participants will engage in a six-week program taught by clinical experts (occupational therapists) over the phone, internet, or videoconference. Participants may learn strategies that will empower them to reduce fatigue and reduce the impact of fatigue on quality of life.

Eligibility and Details: Participants are people with MS, at least 18 years of age and experience moderate or severe fatigue. The program is planned for OH, MN and IL (spring/summer 2021) and NY, PA and IN (summer/fall 2021).

Contact: To learn more about the enrollment criteria for this study, and to find out if you are eligible to participate, please contact 1-800-631-3272 or visit


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