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Clinical Trial: Skeletal Muscle Blood Flow During Exercise in Persons with MS


Treatment mode of action: To improve exercise capacity and reduce fatigue
Number of Subjects: 22
Medication: n/a
Location: Colorado
Institutions: Colorado State University Contact Information
Nathan Ketelhut


National MS Society


Previous studies have shown that people with MS may have impaired blood pressure and heart rate responses to standard tests. The systems that regulate heart rate and blood pressure responses are important to properly distribute blood flow to active muscle during exercise or physical activity.  If blood flow is not properly distributed to active muscle, inadequate oxygen will lead to fatigue, which is a common symptom of MS. The purpose of this study is to perform measures of muscle blood flow during exercise to determine whether impaired blood flow responses may contribute to reduced exercise capacity and increased levels of fatigue in persons with MS. The study involves two visits to Colorado State University, that will each last approximately three hours. The first visit is used to measure your heart rate and blood pressure responses to three standarized tests, and the second visit is used to measure muscle blood flow using an ultrasound machine during two exercise tasks. Participants will be compensated upon completion of the study.


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