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Clinical Trial: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation


Treatment mode of action: To improve cognition
Number of Subjects: 34
Medication: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation
Location: District of Columbia|Maryland|Pennsylvania|Virginia
Institutions: Johns Hopkins Contact Information
Mallory Blackwood
(410) 502-6345


Science of learning grant


This research is being done to determine whether transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) can
improve certain mental abilities, such as working memory. In this research, a device is used to deliver
very weak electrical current to the surface of the scalp while participants perform cognitive tasks. Our
aim is to find out whether tDCS will improve task performance. Specifically, we are interested in how this emerging technology could be used to alleviate cognitive fatigue in patients with MS (a common debilitating symptom of the disease).

The study will involve 2 5-day weeks, with a 4-week washout period (during which participants do not need to come in for visits) between the 2 weeks. Both weeks will involve longer appointments on Monday and Friday with 3 1-hour visits Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday 


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