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Clinical Trial: Treadmill training to reduce falls


Treatment mode of action: To reduce falls
Number of Subjects: 40
Medication: Harness-protected slip-based perturbation training on a specialized treadmill
Location: Georgia
Institutions: Georgia State University
125 Decatur St.,
Atlanta, GA, 30303
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National Multiple Sclerosis Society


Falls present a serious challenge facing individuals affected by multiple sclerosis. This study aims to examine if and to what extent slip-based training can reduce the risk of falls for people with multiple sclerosis. The researchers are seeking adults (18-65 years old) with a diagnosis of MS and without a significant relapse in the past 8 weeks, who are able to walk at least 25 feet without an assistive device.

Qualified participants will come to the Biomechanics Laboratory at Georgia State University’s downtown campus for two data collection sessions: one for the training and the other for a follow-up test. During each data collection, participants will walk on a treadmill under the protection of a harness. At some point on the treadmill, participants will experience a slip-like belt movement. In addition, participants’ balance and leg strengths will be assessed.

Contact information

Dr. Pey-Shan Wen 

Dr. Feng Yang


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