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Clinical Trial: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Telerehabilitation Intervention


Treatment mode of action: To improve symptoms
Number of Subjects: 820
Medication: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Telerehabilitation Intervention
Location: Alabama|Mississippi
Institutions: Tanner Center and Foundation for MS
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Lakeshore Foundation Contact Information
Tracy Flemming-Tracy




The purpose of this study is to compare the effects of two delivery models of an evidence-based complementary alternative medicine (CAM) program that combines neurorehabilitative (functional) exercise, Yoga and Pilates for individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS).  CAM will be delivered through two different delivery forms: On-site (DirectCAM) and telerehabilitation (TeleCAM).  The intervention consists of two segments: the first 8 weeks consists of all three exercises practiced at two 60-minute (20-minute Yoga exercise, 20-minute Pilates exercise, and 20-minute dual tasking and functional exercise) sessions a week; in weeks 9-12 a greater emphasis is placed on Yoga and Pilates and the program is reduced to one 60-minute (30-minute Yoga and 30-minute Pilates) session a week.The intervention will be adapted and tailored toward the functional level of each participant, determined by the EDSS score and pre-assessments.  The first aim will compare the effectiveness of the DirectCAM and TelelCAM on improving self-reported pain and fatigue, quality of life, physical activity level, endurance, balance, strength and gait in individuals with MS. The second aim will examine the potential diversity in treatment/intervention effect by testing the following variables: age, type of MS, geographic location, EDSS score, medications, disease-modifying therapies, education level, and length of time with MS to understand for whom the intervention is effective.  The third aim will look at potential psychosocial outcomes targeted by the intervention: social support, self-efficacy, outcome expectancies for physical activity, and self-regulation to understand how the intervention is effective. For more information, please visit


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