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Clinical Trial: Gilenya (fingolimod)


Type of MS: RRMS
Treatment mode of action: To affect immune function
Number of Subjects: 20
Medication: About to start Gilenya (fingolimod)
Location: Missouri
Institutions: Center for Advanced Medicine and Research Contact Information
Brett Snodgrass, MD
(636) 486-0866




The purpose of this study is to monitor the safety of fingolimod and other disease-modifying treatments in patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis under conditions of routine medical practice
UPDATE 17 June 2016
The study has finished enrolling participants with medications other than Gilenya (fingolimod). Therefore, only people who are about to start taking Gilenya can participate. The study is an observational study that includes a free dermatologic examination by an ABMS Board Certified physician at the beginning and end of the study.
The study is for patients who are about to start taking Gilenya (fingolimod). Participants will be reimbursed for their time and travel.

Study Site:
Center for Advanced Medicine and Research
2730 S St Peters Pkwy
Suite 203
St Peters, MO 63303


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