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Research Study: Assessment of Portable Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Treatment mode of action: n/a
Number of Subjects: 25
Medication: n/a
Location: Massachusetts
Institutions: Massachusetts General Hospital Contact Information
Dylan Rice
(617) 643-2947


Departmental Funds


This study aims to examine the use of a novel portable MRI machine, which has been developed by physicists and physicians at the Massachusetts General Hospital. The MRI machine uses permanent magnets, meaning it doesn’t need liquid helium coolant, makes significantly less sound than the usual MRI machines, plugs into a wall outlet, is about the size of a large suitcase, and only weighs about 200lbs.  

People who enroll in this study will have a one-time study visit at the Martinos Center (149 13th St, Boston, MA 02129). This visit should last no more than 1 hour. At this visit, participants will complete some brief safety questionnaires and then have their brain imaged by the portable MRI. They will be asked to lie flat on their back with their head in the portable MRI machine for 10-30 minutes, depending on patient comfort. At the end of the visit, participants will be paid for their time and participation. Parking at the Martinos Center is free for study participants.

Researchers will compare the images from the portable MRI to traditional MRI images. The aim in this study is to determine how well the portable MRI images can characterize patients’ brains versus traditional MRI. A future goal is to use the portable MRI machine for home-based imaging. 


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