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Research Study: Mechanisms of Low Physical Work Capacity, Fatigue, and Reduced Mobility


Type of MS: RRMS
Treatment mode of action: n/a
Number of Subjects: 26
Medication: Please note: This is not a trial of an experimental MS therapy; it is a research study.
Location: Illinois
Institutions: University of Illinois at Chicago
Integrative Physiology Laboratory, Suite 158,
1640 W Roosevelt Rd.
Chicago, IL, 60608 Contact Information
Brooks Hibner
(312) 996-9607


Department of Defense office of Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program on MS


You are being asked to be a subject in a research study about blood flow regulation during exercise and how that may affect work capacity (the ability to perform exercise). This study will examine cardiac output (how much blood your heart can pump each minute) during a treadmill test by placing a probe on your chest to visualize your heart. In addition, this study will examine the autonomic response (how your body controls heart rate and blood pressure) and how blood vessels change during and after stimulation (rhythmic handgrip exercise and lower body negative pressure [LBNP – this is where a small vacuum will be created around your legs]). This will be completed in individuals with and without Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, and we will evaluate if there are any differences between groups.


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