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Research Study: Physical Activity and Biomarkers


Treatment mode of action: To study physical activity
Number of Subjects: 50
Medication: NA
Location: Illinois
Institutions: University of Illinois at Chicago Contact Information
Trevor Martin
(312) 355-0383




his pilot study examines if physical activity is associated with a blood biomarker of MS disease severity (neurofilament light chain), cognitive function, and vascular health in people with MS. Neurofilament light chain is a blood biomarker of damage in the central nervous system caused by MS. This research will provide the basis for future research examining if physical activity can reverse the effects on MS on brain structure and cellular outcomes. We are currently recruiting participants with or without MS who:

1.     -ages between 18-54 years,
2.     -no relapse within the last 30 days,
3.     -ability to walk unassisted, and
4.     -ability to read, write, and speak English.

During a single lab visit to UIC campus participants will have a blood sample taken, complete questionnaires about physical activity, diet, and cognitive function, complete an assessment of vascular function, and be given an accelerometer to wear for 7-days to track activity levels.
For more information, contact Trevor Martin at (312) 355-0383 or

Please note: This is not a clinical trial of an intervention, but rather a research study.


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