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Research Study: Seeking first degree relatives of people with MS for study of risk factors


Treatment mode of action: n/a
Number of Subjects: 300
Medication: n/a
Location: Colorado
Institutions: University of Colorado Anschutz 
13001 E. 17th Place, Aurora, CO 80045 Contact Information
Ian Shelton




The goal of this study is to learn more about the causes of and risk factors for MS by studying first-degree relatives of people with MS and comparing them to people who are not first-degree relatives of someone with MS. We will use the data collected to develop a risk algorithm that will help identify the earliest signs of MS, which will include biological, genetic, and immunological markers, as well as environmental factors. With these early detection methods, we hope this will allow for early intervention, and in turn the opportunity to slow or stop MS progression. 

In this study, we will enroll 300 people without MS who are between 18-30 years old, who will come in for 1-2 study visits. Participants will fill out questionnaires about their lifestyle, diet, mood, quality of life, environmental factors, and exercise level. The participants will also complete an assessment of cognitive function, have a brain MRI without contrast material, and have a fasting blood draw. With this blood draw, researchers will run a number of tests that will look at genetic, immunological, vitamin, lipid, viral, and central nervous system damage markers. Anyone who has an MRI that is concerning for MS will be referred to a qualified neurologist for full assessment. Participants may also be asked to complete a second blood draw to explore a novel set of immune markers.


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