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Participate in a Clinical Trial

Without the participation of people with MS, it would be impossible to develop new and better therapies and other interventions.

Clinical Trials in MS

The latest clinical research in MS, including trials funded by the Society and trials in progressive MS.

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Posting a Trial

If you would like us to post a study on these pages, please email to find out what information you need to submit for review.


Clinical trials help to determine if treatments are safe and effective. Studies are monitored to ensure that the rights and safety of all participants are protected. Make an informed decision before agreeing to participate. Read more in our Guide to Participating in Clinical Trials.

Clinical Trials In Your Area

Interested in clinical trials? Simply search by state, type of MS or keyword and see what’s going on in your area.

  1. Clinical Trial:IMU-838

    Following a 4-week screening period, participants will take either oral IMU-838 or placebo for a period of 72 weeks during the main period of the study. Participants may need to stop taking certain MS medications during the trial.  An MRI scan will be needed during screening p...
  2. Clinical Trial: Brain stimulation for overactive bladder

    People with MS often experience a urinary bladder condition called Neurogenic Overactive Bladder (NOAB). People with NOAB often experience frequent urination, a sudden need to urinate, and even accidents. Instead of just focusing on the bladder, we want to see if we can improv...
  3. Clinical Trial: remibrutinib vs. teriflunomide for relapsing multiple sclerosis

    Remibrutinib inhibits an enzyme called “Bruton’s tyrosine kinase,” reducing the activation of B cells, which are immune cells that play a role in the response that affects the brain and spinal cord in MS.  This study is for participants diagnosed with relapsing multiple scl...
  4. Clinical Trial: Remibrutinib vs. Teriflunomide in Relapsing-Remitting MS

    Remibrutinib inhibits an enzyme called “Bruton’s tyrosine kinase,” reducing the activation of B cells, which are immune cells that play a role in the response that affects the brain and spinal cord in MS.  This study is comparing the safety and effectiveness of oral Remibrutin...
  5. Research Study: Cognitive Markers in Prodromal MS

    Please note: This is a research study, not a clinical trial testing an intervention. We are recruiting people with prodromal MS or early MS (less than 5 years from diagnosis) for a one-time study visit. During the visit, we will perform an assessment of cognitive and gait p...
  6. Research Study: cognitive testing for MS

    Researchers are currently enrolling participants in a study of cognitive testing for Multiple Sclerosis. This study compares computerized and in-person cognitive testing, to see how well the results match. Participants will complete assessments of sensory, motor, and cognitive...
  7. Research Study: International MS Microbiome Study

    This study aims to understand the role of gut bacteria in MS, and by extension allows us to look at the effects of diet and environment on the gut microbiome and MS disease susceptibility and progression. For this study, we are asking that participants donate blood and stool ...
  8. Research Study: Seeking first degree relatives of people with MS for study of risk factors

    The goal of this study is to learn more about the causes of and risk factors for MS by studying first-degree relatives of people with MS and comparing them to people who are not first-degree relatives of someone with MS. We will use the data collected to develop a risk algorit...
  9. Clinical Trial: Effect of Cooling on Balance Performance in MS

    The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of cooling on balance performance in persons with MS, ages 18-80 who are capable of standing unassisted for at least 1 minute. Previous studies have shown that cooling has improved walking in people with MS, however...
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