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Participate in a Clinical Trial

Without the participation of people with MS, it would be impossible to develop new and better therapies and other interventions.

Clinical Trials in MS

The latest clinical research in MS, including trials funded by the Society and trials in progressive MS.

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Posting a Trial

If you would like us to post a study on these pages, please email to find out what information you need to submit for review.


Clinical trials help to determine if treatments are safe and effective. Studies are monitored to ensure that the rights and safety of all participants are protected. Make an informed decision before agreeing to participate. Read more in our Guide to Participating in Clinical Trials.

Clinical Trials In Your Area

Interested in clinical trials? Simply search by state, type of MS or keyword and see what’s going on in your area.

  1. Clinical Trial: Computerized Cognitive Rehabilitation

    This study examines a home-based computerized cognitive rehabilitation intervention focused on improving attention, learning, and memory in adults with MS, compared to a placebo intervention (a videogame).  Enrolled participants will complete a series of mental ability eval...
  2. Clinical Trial: Remibrutinib vs. Teriflunomide in Relapsing-Remitting MS

    Remibrutinib inhibits an enzyme called “Bruton’s tyrosine kinase,” reducing the activation of B cells, which are immune cells that play a role in the response that affects the brain and spinal cord in MS.  This study is comparing the safety and effectiveness of oral Remibrutin...
  3. Clinical Trial: Motor Neuroprosthesis to restore motor control in people with severe impairment to both arms and legs

    The Synchron Motor NeuroProsthesis (MNP) is a brain-computer interface intended to improve functional independence and communication of healthcare needs for people who have impaired ability to move their arms and legs. This new device and surgical technique has been developed ...
  4. Clinical Trial: Exercise Training Effects on Cognition and Brain Function in MS

    This research study is examining the effects of exercise training in persons with multiple sclerosis who have been on any stable disease-modifying therapy for at least 6 months. The study is interested in examining the influence of supervised aerobic walking exercise or stretc...
  5. Clinical Trial: Gait training to improve walking

    Over 90% of persons with MS complain of difficulty with walking. High intensity interval gait training, where persons alternate brief periods of walking at high speeds with periods of rest has been found to improve walking in other neurologic diagnoses. However, its impact on ...
  6. Clinical Trial: Online Program to Increase Physical Activity in Persons Newly Diagnosed with MS

    Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham are conducting an online behavior change intervention to promote lifestyle physical activity among persons diagnosed with MS within the last 2 years . The researchers aim to examine the effects of the program in helping...
  7. Clinical Trial: Antioxidant for fatigue in MS and other studies

    Clinical Trial: Antioxidant for fatigue in MS Type of MS : ALL MS TYPES, RRMS PPMS, SPMS Treatment mode of action: ORAL Number of Subjects: 60 Medication: Mitoquinone (MitoQ, an antioxidant) Institution: Oregon Health Science University and Veterans Affairs Portland...
  8. Clinical Trial: A Telehealth tDCS Approach to Decrease Cannabis Use

    Researchers at NYU Langone Health, Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center, are recruiting women with RRMS (ages 21 to 65) who regularly use any cannabis product (e.g., marijuana, edibles, vaping) and who wish to reduce cannabis use. The research study will be a one-month...
  9. Research Study: Cognitive Markers in Prodromal MS

    Please note: This is a research study, not a clinical trial testing an intervention. We are recruiting people with prodromal MS or early MS (less than 5 years from diagnosis) for a one-time study visit. During the visit, we will perform an assessment of cognitive and gait p...
  10. Clinical Trial: IMU-838 versus Placebo in Adults with Relapsing MS

    These are two multi-center, randomized, double-blinded phase 3 studies to evaluate the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of IMU-838 versus placebo in adults (male or female between 18 and 55 years old) with relapsing multiple sclerosis (also called ENSURE-1 and ENSURE-2). Eac...
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