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Participate in a Clinical Trial

Without the participation of people with MS, it would be impossible to develop new and better therapies and other interventions.

Clinical Trials in MS

The latest clinical research in MS, including trials funded by the Society and trials in progressive MS.

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Posting a Trial

If you would like us to post a study on these pages, please email to find out what information you need to submit for review.


NOTE: The COVID-19 pandemic may affect the status of the studies listed on this website. Trial recruitment or visits may be postponed, and responses from study coordinators may be delayed. If you are enrolled in a study, your study coordinator will likely reach out to you with any changes. Learn what you need to know about COVID-19

Clinical trials help to determine if treatments are safe and effective. Studies are monitored to ensure that the rights and safety of all participants are protected. Make an informed decision before agreeing to participate. Read more in our Guide to Participating in Clinical Trials.

Clinical Trials In Your Area

Interested in clinical trials? Simply search by state, type of MS or keyword and see what’s going on in your area.

  1. Clinical Trial: Protective Step Training in People With MS

    Falls are common in people with multiple sclerosis (MS), and current rehabilitation approaches to reduce falls are inadequate. A novel and promising rehabilitation training program: Protective step training (in which a person is exposed to repeated "slips") has been developed ...
  2. Clinical Trial: Ozanimod for Cognitive Function

    This is a multicenter, single-arm, open-label study to describe the change from baseline in cognitive processing speed in subjects with relapsing multiple sclerosis (RMS) treated with ozanimod HCl 1 mg at 3 years. All enrolled subjects will receive orally administered ozanimod...
  3. Clinical Trial: Improving New Learning and Memory in MS

    The Kessler Foundation is currently recruiting for a study on memory. Participants will be compensated.. The study involves paper-and-pencil testing and is intended to assess the efficacy of learning and memory techniques within the Multiple Sclerosis population. Additionally,...
  4. Clinical Trial: Improving cognition in people with progressive MS

    Please note: The study sites for this trial are in Birmingham, AL, and East Hanover, NJ. Participation will require travel to those locations. Participants are people aged 25 to 65, with a diagnosis of progressive MS, who are not dependent on a wheelchair for mobility...
  5. Clinical Trial: Comparing Experimental Tolebrutinib with Placebo in Progressive MS

    SUMMARY: Investigators in the U.S. and abroad are recruiting a total of 2280 people with progressive forms of MS for two separate studies comparing investigational oral tolebrutinib with placebo. The studies – also called HERCULES and PERSEUS – are sponsored by Sanofi .   ...
  6. Clinical Trial: Antioxidant for fatigue in MS and other studies

    Clinical Trial: Antioxidant for fatigue in MS Type of MS : ALL MS TYPES, RRMS PPMS, SPMS Treatment mode of action: ORAL Number of Subjects: 60 Medication: Mitoquinone (MitoQ, an antioxidant) Institution: Oregon Health Science University and Veterans Affairs Portland...
  7. Clinical Trial: Efficacy of Diet on Quality of Life in MS

    This is a research study comparing the effects of three diets — a Modified Paleolithic Diet (elimination of gluten, dairy, and eggs), a Time Restricted Olive Oil-based Ketogenic diet, and the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans — to determine whether these diets improve qual...
  8. Clinical Trial: A phase 1 safety study of ANK-700 in people with relapsing-remitting MS

    Study Rationale: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disease that causes damage to the brain and spinal cord, and steadily worsens over time. As the central nervous system (CNS) controls most body functions, people living with MS can experience a wide range of symptoms. ...
  9. Clinical Trial: EHP-101-MS02

    Brief Description The purpose of this study is to evaluate a new potential treatment for people living with Relapsing Forms of Multiple Sclerosis (RMS). Following the completion of a Phase 1 human clinical trial that assessed the safety and tolerability of different daily...
  10. Clinical Trial: Ocrelizumab vs. fingolimod in children and adolescents with MS

    Study is seeking to assess the safety and effectiveness of ocrelizumab (administered by intravenous infusion every 24 weeks) in comparison to fingolimod (one oral capsule taken once per day) in children and adolescents ages 10 to 18 with relapsing-remitting MS. The study is co...
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