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Participate in a Clinical Trial

Without the participation of people with MS, it would be impossible to develop new and better therapies and other interventions.

Clinical Trials in MS

The latest clinical research in MS, including trials funded by the Society and trials in progressive MS.

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Posting a Trial

If you would like us to post a study on these pages, please email to find out what information you need to submit for review.


Clinical trials help to determine if treatments are safe and effective. Studies are monitored to ensure that the rights and safety of all participants are protected. Make an informed decision before agreeing to participate. Read more in our Guide to Participating in Clinical Trials.

Clinical Trials In Your Area

Interested in clinical trials? Simply search by state, type of MS or keyword and see what’s going on in your area.

  1. Clinical Trial: Linking Cognitive Functioning to Multimodal Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis

    This project studies the link between performance on sensitive computer-based measures of cognitive functioning (games that test reaction time) and findings on neuroimaging (brain scans with MRI and PET) for people who are new to receiving Tecfidera to manage their MS.  At the...
  2. Clinical Trial: Virtual Reality for MS

    Researchers are looking at the impact of virtual reality on walking for individuals with relapse and remitting Multiple Sclerosis. The intervention group will receive 18 sessions of Treadmill Training with Virtual Reality and the active control comparison will receive 18 tr...
  3. Clinical Trial: Tracking Health in Multiple Sclerosis (TracMS)

    In Trac-MS researchers are interested in learning more about the relationship between everyday behaviors, thinking abilities, and brain health in people with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis and cognitive impairment, ages 30-59. Specifically, they are interested in exami...
  4. Clinical Trial: Ketamine for MS-related fatigue

    Potential participants will come in to Johns Hopkins University for one visit. After signing the informed consent form and assessment of eligibility, participants will be randomly assigned to receive ketamine (12 participants) or midazolam (6 participants). They will receive o...
  5. Clinical Trial: Physical Training and Endurance Testing of Manual Wheelchair Users

    The Program in Occupational Therapy at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is conducting research to test a developed endurance exercise intervention program to determine if such a program can positively impact the physical, metabolic, and psychosocial fitnes...
  6. Clinical Trial: Wheelchair propulsion training program

    The Program in Occupational Therapy at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is conducting research to develop, implement, and test manual  wheelchair propulsion training for manual wheelchair users. The participants will be involved in the study approximatel...
  7. Clinical Trial: My MS Toolkit

    Researchers at University of Michigan are leading this study aimed at improving self-management of pain, fatigue, and depressed mood through a web-based program. Participants enrolled in this study will use a newly developed web-based symptom self-management program called the...
  8. Clinical Trial: Siponimod in advancing forms of relapsing MS

    Exploring the safety and tolerability of conversion from oral or injectable disease modifying therapies to dose-titrated Oral Siponimod in patients with advancing forms of relapsing multiple sclerosis. You, or someone you care for, may be able to take part if you/they: • are...
  9. Research Study: Physiologic dysfunction in MS-related Fatigue

    This research study is designed to assess whether physiologic dysfunction contributes to fatigue in people with MS. This connection will help guide routine neurological treatment fatigue in MS in the future.  Physiologic testing includes measurement of a person’s pupil functi...
  10. Clinical Trial: Oral Ponesimod Added to Tecfidera

    Investigators are recruiting people with relapsing MS for a clinical trial examining the effectiveness of adding ponesimod, an oral compound that affects immune function, in people who are still experiencing relapses while taking Tecfidera ®  (dimethyl fumarate, Biogen, Inc.).
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