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Track record of progress

In 1946 the National Multiple Sclerosis Society was founded, and in 1947 the Society sponsored its first three research projects. Today our investment in innovative research exceeds $1 billion, and with this investment we’ve:

  • Recruited and provided training to more than1000 new MS researchers to the field
  • Provided early career support and funding to nearly every thought leader in MS research
  • Set standards in diagnosis, symptom management, pediatric MS, complementary and alternative medicine, rehabilitation research, clinical trial strategies and stem cell research
  • Established the MS field of nerve and myelin repair which resulted in trials for treatment
  • Drove research uncovering genes contributing to MS susceptibility and new treatment avenues
  • Paved the way for all existing therapies – none of which existed 30 years ago

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MS research is a high priority for the Society, and we strategically invest in research worldwide to drive solutions for every single person with MS.

Our goals

Restoring what’s been lost

In just a few short years, a whole new field has emerged to pursue strategies to repair the nervous system and restore function to people with MS

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Ending the disease forever

Ending MS means no one will ever get this disease again. That means we need to find the cause of MS, what triggers it, and what may protect against it.

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Pathways to Cures for MS

The Society aligns the global MS research community around the most promising Pathways to Cures. We drive research and collaborate and align global efforts to stop MS in its tracks, restore lost function, and end the disease forever – for every single person with MS.

Explore research projects supported by the Society

Summaries of Newly Funded Research Projects January 2023 (.pdf)

Research projects listed by location (.pdf)

Research projects listed by topic (.pdf)

The Society supports clinical trials to find better treatments for everyone with MS

Clinical trials receiving funding from the Society (.pdf)


Become a Research Champion

An MS Research Revolution

Support MS Research

Understanding and ending MS can’t come fast enough – it will take all of us working together. It’s easy to be a champion for MS Research – join us and proudly let everyone know that you’re helping to lead the MS Research Revolution.

Become a Research Champion

Become a Research Champion
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