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Driving Commercial Progress


A Driving Force

As a driving force of MS research to stop MS in its tracks, restore function already lost, and end MS forever, the National MS Society takes a unique, comprehensive approach to our research efforts.

We don’t just stop at funding academic, or bench research, or focus only on clinical trials and studies, or only invest in a certain area of MS research. Getting treatments to people with MS requires bold leadership, tenacity and investment at every stage of the research process. 

Often, the biggest hurdle in moving potential treatments forward is securing the necessary early investments and resources for commercial development - when the potential return of those investments is largely unknown. Yet, without this commercial development, solutions remain outside our grasp. This is the point in time where the proverbial rubber meets the road – is the idea one that can be commercially developed for safe and effective use in humans? The Society continues to propel promising new therapies by breaking down these barriers to commercial development through Society mechanisms like Fast Forward.  We drive connections of all the resources necessary to ensure that promising treatments don’t languish on a dusty shelf.

As an important part of the Society’s research infrastructure, investments through Fast Forward continue to propel progress in significant ways. The Society will continue to boldly close the gap between promising discoveries and the commercial development necessary to get new treatments to people with MS.

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