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Training Researchers and Clinicians

Society fellowships provide specialty MS training to researchers and doctors.

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Understanding and ending MS can’t come fast enough. There are still more questions than answers – we must keep learning and finding solutions. We need a continuous stream of highly trained scientists and physicians to search for solutions for everyone with MS.

That's why the National MS Society funds many fellowship programs that allow young men and women to train with seasoned MS scientists and physicians in laboratories and MS clinics, and facilitate their transitions into independent careers. Often these fellows are the hands doing the experiments and providing the first line of care for patients.

These relatively small awards pay off well: Prominent researchers making MS breakthroughs today began their careers as Society trainees, and the Society’s investment in fellowship awards has leveraged at least $400 million over the years in MS grant funding from all sources.  

The Tykeson Fellows Conference is convened by the Society and launched by a generous contribution from Mr. Donald Tykeson, active volunteer and Honorary Life Director of the Society’s National Board of Directors. Read about past conferences: 20192017, 2015, 2013

Training Grants and Fellowships

To attract and train promising investigators and clinicians, we offer the following research and clinical care training programs:


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