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What You’ll Find

  • Healthcare Providers

    Medical providers that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and symptoms related to MS.

  • Emotional Support

    Licensed professionals and community based programs providing caregiver support, family support and education.

  • Legal Resources

    Attorneys and legal services with expertise in claims and civil matters related to MS.

  • Financial Assistance

    Programs offering financial assistance, grants or loans for accessibility, housing and pharmaceutical needs.

  • Mobility & Accessibility

    Services and providers for home accessibility, ramps, elevators and lifts, transportation, vehicles and mobility equipment.

  • Home Care & Housing

    Assisted living facilities, chore and personal care assistance, and adult day care programs.

  • Independent Living

    Local aging services that also serve individuals with disabilities of any age, centers offering independent living skills training, personal advocacy, information and referral and peer counseling and access to service dogs.

  • Medical & Assistive Equipment

    Durable medical equipment, incontinence supplies, wheelchairs (power and manual), scooters, hoyer lifts, aides to daily living (ADL) products such as reachers, adaptive eating utensils, canes and walkers, and cooling vests/cooling equipment.

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