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Guide to Selecting Financial Assistance Resources

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People affected by MS can find themselves facing financial challenges due to changes in income, medical expenses and other circumstances. The resources in the Financial Assistance category include programs for:

  • Rent, mortgage and utilities
  • Home modifications and assistive technology
  • Medications including disease-modifying therapies and MS symptom treatments

However, many of the resources provide financial assistance and community-based services for other needs as well, e.g., counseling, or access to food and meal resources.

Questions and considerations when connecting to financial assistance resources:

  • What specific goods or services does the financial assistance resource provide?
  • Does the organization have guidelines, e.g., income requirements, for who they serve?
  • What is the process and timeline for securing assistance?
  • If a resource cannot provide assistance, can they refer you elsewhere?
  • For medications, assistive technology and home modifications, do your health insurance or veteran’s benefits assist with this need?
  • Program funding varies over time for many agencies, so if a resource is out of funding it’s important to ask how often that funding is renewed.

MS Navigator®

The Society also offers financial assistance for needs related to MS, to provide solutions where resources may be lacking. If you feel you could benefit from this assistance, please reach out via email or phone (1-800-344-4867) for a more comprehensive discussion and assessment about your needs, available resources and potential financial assistance from the Society.


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