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Happy the App


About Happy

Happy is a 24/7 phone-based emotional support service — a mobile app that connects individuals experiencing everyday stresses, struggles, anxiety or loneliness with exceptionally compassionate listeners: Happy’s Support Givers. Using their phone from the comfort of home, individuals can download Happy’s app, make a call, and immediately receive emotional support through Happy’s secure and confidential app.

Emotional support is a fundamental human need, 3 in 5 Americans are not getting nearly enough of it, and Happy ensures that people have instant access to genuinely caring people who are there to listen to them, comfort them and encourage them, any time of day or night.

Happy’s Support Givers include social workers, nurses, peer supporters and caregivers, and each has demonstrated a gift for deep listening and acceptance — they are non-judgmental, naturally affirming of others, and ask questions that help callers gain fresh perspective.

How to Get Started

Every caller who reaches Happy through the Society will receive their first two calls free. For all subsequent calls, the cost is only $12 per half hour (30 minutes), prorated per minute — so callers only pay for the time they need.

To start, download Happy’s app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store (search for “Happy the App”). After downloading the app, you will be asked to set up a brief, confidential profile which takes under two minutes to complete. Once your profile is set-up, you simply press the “Speak with a Happy Giver” button on your phone, and within seconds you will be matched with a Happy Support Giver.  

Happy the app

Get the App

Follow the link below to get started with your first two free calls. You will be prompted to enter your cell phone number for a one-time SMS download code where you will follow the steps to create your login, complete your profile and then speak to a Happy Support Giver!
SMS Code

By clicking on the link below and using Happy the App, all information will be governed by Happy the App’s terms and conditions. 

Get Started

Get Started


Every call is completely confidential. The app does not record calls, nor does the company discuss the names of customers internally. Happy takes every precaution to protect your information and use state-of-the-art data security and encryption.

Happy does not record or track any aspect of specific calls beyond the feedback collected in the pre-call survey (which asks a person what they are calling about) and the post-call survey (which asks how the call went). Happy uses this feedback to help intelligent match callers with Support Givers and ensure the quality of its service. 


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