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Pathways to Wellness in MS



Pathways to Wellness in MS Virtual Program Series

The Pathways to Wellness in MS virtual program series empowers people affected by MS to solve wellness challenges. Get up to speed on the latest wellness research and learn about evidence-based exercise and lifestyle physical activity recommendations that can positively impact your health and quality of life today. You will hear from top specialists and connect with others in the MS community.
Take the “Challenge” after each module and push yourself to set goals, plan activities, and develop healthy behaviors. Those living with MS, with all levels of abilities, can and should stay active – we’ll help you learn how!

MS Wellness Research

Wellness plays a critical role in the MS journey – hear the latest research recommendations.
Program Date TBD

Wellness Through Exercise and Lifestyle Physical Activity

Everyone living with MS can and should stay active – learn strategies to make it work for you.
Program Date TBD

Getting Started with Your Healthy Lifestyle

Identify strategies and break down barriers to reach your wellness goals.
Program Date TBD
We want you to have a great program experience. Here’s what you can expect to learn:
  • The latest in MS wellness research
  • How to identify strategies to move closer to individualized wellness
  • How to set goals to increase overall movement and activity
  • Where to find National MS Society wellness research materials and resources

How to Get the Most Out of This Program

The Pathways to Wellness in MS program series will be offered live as well as on-demand here and Facebook and YouTube. Personalize your learning experience to get what you want and need out of the program.
  • View all three modules or just one
  • Participate in live programs and engage with speakers through the Q&A chat
  • Complete worksheets focused on goal setting to help you develop health behaviors


  • Exercise Demonstration Videos: Exercise is adaptable for all levels of ability – so whether you have little to no disability, moderate, or advanced disability, it is safe for you to exercise. These videos demonstrate exercise tips for MS.
  • Wellness Discussion Guide: The wellness discussion guide has information and materials for people living with MS and their healthcare providers so they can have effective conversations and make decisions around wellness and lifestyle interventions.
  • Living Well with MS: Visit our Living Well with MS page to learn how a healthy diet, regular exercise, stress management and other wellness strategies can help you manage your symptoms and feel your best.
  • Research: The Society is a driving force for research on wellness and lifestyle solutions for everyone with MS.
  • Clinical Trials: Learn about clinical trials and how you can participate to drive the development of new and better therapies and interventions.
  • Presidential Active Lifestyle Award Program: PALA+ is an 8-week program that promotes physical activity and good nutrition and can help you establish healthy habits. Use their tool to set and track your wellness goals.


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