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You CAN!


You CAN! is brought to you with the help of Can Do Multiple Sclerosis (formerly The Heuga Center for Multiple Sclerosis) as a reminder that despite the challenges MS may bring, you have a whole life to live. Can Do Multiple Sclerosis teaches people with MS to focus on what they ‘can do’ in life instead of what they cannot, empowering them to live fuller, more productive lives.

In this article

Symptom Management

Improve Your Balance
Balance deficits can be improved with a properly integrated approach.

Keep Moving!
Regardless of disability, staying mobile is very important. Share tips and insights on how.

Learn to Manage Your Pain
About half of everyone diagnosed with MS will experience some pain. For some it can be a significant problem.

Manage Annoying Sensory Symptoms
These sensations include numbness, tightness, tingling or burning. With a variety of approaches, they can be managed.

Manage Fatigue
Up to 90% of people with MS say they experience fatigue. Learn how you CAN manage your symptoms.

Save Grace if you FALL
Tips on how you can retain your composure and dignity if you fall.

Speak More Clearly and Swallow More Safely
MS can affect both speech and swallowing. But with some help, you CAN learn to speak more clearly and swallow more safely.

Talk to Others About Your Fatigue
Fatigue is the number one symptom reported by people living with MS. But because it is “hidden,” it can be frustrating to get others to understand what you are feeling.

Healthy Living & Family Life

"Be There" for Each Other
MS is like an unwanted guest. You CAN support each other and keep your “guest” from taking over.

Exercise — or not — in Water
Water provides opportunities for recreation, relaxation and exercise for people with MS at every level of ability.

Fan the Flame
Tips on nurturing romance and intimacy in your relationship, whether it is long-standing or new.

Get a Handle on Stress
Stress is a daily fact of life. Chronic stress can impact your health, but you CAN take control. 

Maintain Good Nutrition!
"You are what you eat." Maintaining your health is one of the first steps to managing MS. Here are 10 ways you CAN get started.

Manage Family Issues
Tips on living with MS as a family.

Manage Your Medications
You don't have to be overwhelmed by your medications. Learn how to keep track with these helpful tips.

Stay Flexible Through Stretching
Stretching is a simple and all-natural way to maintain and even increase your flexibility.

Life Planning & Independence

Enjoy a Winter Sport
Don’t let MS discourage you from enjoying winter play and sports.

Handle Going to School!
School means increased stress, fatigue, and possibly cognitive challenges. You CAN handle the challenge.

Manage a Holiday Dinner
Keep the holidays focused on family, friends, feasting and unforgettable memories.

Plan a Trip
Travel is good for the soul. It can improve your outlook on life and get you away from your daily routines. Trips can even give you space away from your ongoing issues with MS. But much of the fun is planning a trip in advance.

Prepare Your Own Meals
Meals won’t magically appear on the table by  themselves, but there are simple strategies to follow so you CAN prepare and enjoy your own meals.

Set New Personal Goals
Keep your New Year's resolution...even though New Year's Day is past. Learn some keys to successful goal setting.

Swim Like a Fish
Swimming or water exercise is an activity that anyone can do — with or without MS. And swimming has a long list of benefits, not the least of which is simple pleasure.

Webinar Series

Can Do MS’s free monthly webinar series offers insight from MS experts representing different medical disciplines so that participants can gain additional knowledge relating to MS.

Register online today. If you are not able to view Can Do MS webinars live, check out  Can Do MS’s webinar archives.