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Handle Going to School!


You Can...Handle Going to School

If you're a student with MS, You CAN

  • Incorporate rest periods into your schedule—and rest before you get tired.
  • Take an exercise class or a daily walk or speak with your health care professional about an exercise program.
  • Plan ahead so you're not caught needing an all-nighter to study for a test or write a paper.
  • Ask your teacher about any accommodations you need, like using a digital recorder in class.
  • Get together with your friends.
  • Consider getting an extra set of textbooks (one for school and one for home) so you don't have so much in your backpack.
  • Establish a health care team to take care of your needs if you are away at school outside your usual community.

If you're a parent with MS, You CAN help your children be good students:

  • Plan ahead for their extracurricular activities.
  • Plan how to provide homework help by yourself or by enlisting others.
  • Schedule your day to include rest before you get tired.
  • Plan some exercise every day. It may be stretching, yoga, or taking a walk.
  • Ask for help when you need it with tasks like picking up children from school or activities.
  • Work together with your children to prevent unwelcome surprises, like friends invited at the last minute for dinner.
  • Spend some weekend time as a family planning and fixing meals for the week.
  • Do other chores as a family too—cleaning up, yard work, laundry.
  • Spread meal preparation over the day to decrease fatigue.

If you're a parent of a student with MS, You CAN:

  • Make sure your child's healthcare team knows about school expectations and school problems.
  • Make sure school officials know about your child's symptoms and the need for privacy and discuss any necessary accommodations.
  • Get involved with school activities; meet other parents and teachers.
  • Ask the National MS Society for materials to educate school staff about MS.

Finding Time to Rest

  • Is there time between classes for rest?
  • Find a quiet place like an empty classroom or the school library where you can sit peacefully or even lay your head on a desk.
  • Take long, slow, deep breaths and think about nothing for awhile - even a few minutes will refresh you.
  • Try to schedule your most difficult classes for your best times.

Contributing editors: Staff, Can Do Multiple Sclerosis