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  1. Support for Your Decision | National Multiple Sclerosis Society Disclosure in the workplace is a big decision, one not to take lightly. Call our MS Navigators who specialize in employment to discuss the pros and cons for your unique situation and understand the implications of disclosing or not so you can make an informed decision. Please call 1-800-344-4867.
  2. Talking To Your Employer About MS | National Multiple Sclerosis Society A common concern among people with disabilities is whether or not to disclose their medical condition to their employer. It is a difficult, very personal and emotional decision that requires significant thought and knowledge. Every person has a different experience and needs to carefully consider the pros and cons for disclosing their diagnosis.
  3. Newly Diagnosed | National Multiple Sclerosis Society Knowledge Is Power contains current and accurate information relevant for people facing a new diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS), presented in a series of easy-to-understand topics. ... Part 3- Disclosure in the Workplace . More Info. Employment Matters: Managing MS in the Workplace Part 6 (video) ... with features on disclosure and art ...
  4. Home | National Multiple Sclerosis Society Employment Matters: Managing MS in the Workplace. Disclosure: The Basic Facts. Information for Employers . Phone: 1-800-344-4867, for a copy of these resources or to speak with an MS Navigator®. If you decide to disclose your MS diagnosis to your employer after you’ve evaluated the pros and cons, write your disclosure script and practice it ...
  5. Employment | National Multiple Sclerosis Society,-Insurance-Financial-Planning/Employment It is important that you do your research and know what accommodations you are seeking before approaching your employer. For more information about accommodations, such as how to request an accommodation at work and different types of accommodations, visit the Job Accommodations Network (JAN) and type in multiple sclerosis. View.
  6. Disclosure: The Basic Facts (.pdf) | National Multiple Sclerosis Society Symptoms & Diagnosis. MS Symptoms Diagnosing MS Possible MS ... Home Disclosure: The Basic Facts (.pdf) Share this page Facebook Twitter Email. Disclosure: The Basic Facts (.pdf) Back. Share. Smaller Text; Larger Text; ... only essential cookies will be used to make our website work.
  7. Know Your Rights be provided with relevant information regarding your diagnosis. What considerations should I keep in mind when I am deciding where to work? Considerations will vary with each individual and plan of employment. Because symptoms related to MS can be unpredictable, some individuals seek out jobs that provide a certain level of flexibility and ...
  8. Employment Study in MS Shows Value of Seeking Workplace Accommodations ... The symptoms of MS commonly appear in early adulthood, at a time when young people are typically establishing themselves in their careers. While the initial symptoms might not interfere with work activities to any significant degree, symptoms can change over the years, likely requiring some adaptation in the working life of the person with MS.
  9. Accommodations | National Multiple Sclerosis Society The following accommodation examples are more general in nature. Worksite. Restrooms- installing grab bars, lower the height of soap or paper towel dispensers. Entrances- ramps or mechanized door openers. Location of work space- moving your office closer to the rest room. Parking- parking spot closer to the door. Job restructuring.
  10. Employment, Legal and Financial Planning | National Multiple Sclerosis ... Symptoms & Diagnosis. MS Symptoms Diagnosing MS Possible MS Newly Diagnosed Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS) Other Conditions to Rule Out ... Part 3- Disclosure in the Workplace . More Info. Employment Matters: Managing MS in the Workplace Part 4 (video) Part 4- Managing Fatigue in the Workplace .
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